6 Best Ways to Remove bathtub stains

Do you want to remove bathtub stains in an easy way? I suggest you to clean your bathtub with homemade solutions. There are some stains that don’t go easily and always need your extra attention. So, when you want to remove all stains of your bathtub, you need to consider following 6 best things which are available in your kitchen all the time.

1x1.trans 6 Best Ways to Remove bathtub stains
6 best ways to Remove bathtub stains

1.Clean bath tub with baking soda

It is a common method that is employed to get rid of tough stains of bathtub. Make a paste by mixing 2 parts baking soda with 1 part of hydrogen peroxide. Now apply this paste on your bathroom sink and bath tub. You need to leave this paste for almost half an hour. You need to scrub tub a bit and then rinse it well with water.

1x1.trans 6 Best Ways to Remove bathtub stains
Baking soda for cleaning white bathtub stains

2.Opt for Salt and Turpentine mixture

You don’t like to see yellow spots on enamel bathroom sinks and tubs. So, the best way to eliminate them is to use a mixture of salt and turpentine, you need to mix both things in equal parts. Wear rubber gloves and then start rubbing your bathtub and sink. After that you need to rinse this mixture off. You should maintain proper ventilation in your bathroom while you are working on this task.

1x1.trans 6 Best Ways to Remove bathtub stains
Remove bathtub stains with salt

3.Shampoo to clean bathtub quickly

Sometimes, you don’t have time to do a detailed cleaning of your bathtub. When you are in hurry then you can do a quick cleaning with shampoo.

1x1.trans 6 Best Ways to Remove bathtub stains
Shampoo is the best to clean bathtub quickly

4.Give your bathtub its lost shine with Vinegar

The best way to remove bathtub stains is to use vinegar. You need to fill your bathtub with hot water and then add 3 cup of vinegar.Left it for 3 hours, after that drain out this mixture and do scrubbing. When your bathtub has lost shine and beauty then you need to restore shine with full-strength white vinegar. Apply it on tub and then rinse it thoroughly with cold water.

1x1.trans 6 Best Ways to Remove bathtub stains
vinegar is use to clean bathtub stain and to restore shine

5.Use Tartar Cream to Remove bathtub stain

If some stains of your bathtub seems hard to remove then it is only a mixture of tartar and hydrogen peroxide, which could do real cleaning magic for you. You need a cream of tartar in a dish and then start adding hydrogen peroxide drop by drop in this cream until you have a thick paste. Apply this paste and give it some time to get dried. Now remove this paste and you will surprise to see that there is no stain on bathtub anymore. This is the best mixture to clean a bathtub.

1x1.trans 6 Best Ways to Remove bathtub stains
Cream of tartar helps to clean hard bathtub stains

6.Try Oven Cleaner

Sometimes you got a really bad looking ring around your white bath tub, this ring looks simply bad. For eliminating this beauty crack of your tub, you need to get help from an oven cleaner. Apply it on your tub for a few hours and then rinse it off. When you are using this product then you should be really careful. Keep it away from shower curtain because it causes adverse effects to your shower curtains fabric and plastic. Keep one thing in mind this method to remove bathtub stain is only good for white color tub, if you have a colored bathtub then you don’t have to use it as it could fade color quickly.

1x1.trans 6 Best Ways to Remove bathtub stains
Oven cleaner usage for removal of bathtub stains

You have complete idea about 6 best ways to remove bathtub stain. The next step is to pick any of these, apply it, clean your bathtub and also restore its shine and grace.



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