Amazing Granite colors with white kitchen cabinets

white kitchen cabinets with green countertops
Green kitchen countertops with white cabinets

Did you not ever visit a condo designed and decorated in  an old style such as Victorian style where the ‘major’ shade used all over the rooms is white or icy white? What kind of impact does it make? What does it cast on your mind at the first sight? I can guess what kind of impression it casts or makes, it makes you believe that the designer has focused more on the bringing up the clarity of the space by using white or icy white because the shade makes the space to appear wider than its actual size.

white kitchen cabinets with green countertops
Brownish kitchen countertops with white cabinets

There are many advantages of using granite colors with white kitchen cabinets; the first one is that the kitchen looks well-arranged and peaceful, since this is the space where you are seen busy in dish washing, cooking and other household errands so it’s hard to make it look clean- particularly the kitchen countertop is an area which cannot be free of stuff as long as everything is home, coming in and out of the kitchen for small breaks to eat something. Let’s say you have kids who always wander around the kitchen after coming back from the school, they may be using the kitchen for making small dishes to fill the stomach. Nothing to worry, all kids do stuff like this.


kitchen cabinets white with peach countertops
Peach countertops granite suitable for white kitchen cabinets
kitchen cabinets white with green granite countertops
Light green granite for white kitchen cabinets
granite colors kitchen countertops
off-white granite kitchen countertops

There are many granites colors with the white cabinets and they are mostly used on the countertops, on the side-walls and near the sink area. In fact some women choose to décor or fit the kitchen’s sink in an enclosed granite case because it makes the use of sink more comfortable. It depends on your personal choice though but some areas should have to be decorated with the granite as it is easy to clean as compared to wood or other material.

black granite white cabinets kitchen
Black granite countertops with white kitchen cabinets
granite color with white cabinets
White granite color with white kitchen cabinets
gold shade kitchen countertops
light gold shade of granite kitchen countertops with white cabinets

You may want to use mixed marble along with the granite as it gives a classy effect to the kitchen. You must check some amazing designs and colors of granite with white kitchen cabinets- I am emphasizing more on white because it’s the shade being used in combination with marbles and other stuff. I’m sure now it won’t be hard for you to pick the best granite colors with white kitchen cabinets.

kitchen granite countertops colors
Brown black countertops granite for kitchen
granite colors ideas
Brownish white Granite colors
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