Bathroom Mirror Must Reflect Beauty and Style

bathroom mirror selection
Modern mirror for bathroom

When you are going to remodel your bathroom then you need to pay attention to bathroom mirror as well. In past, mirrors were used for getting prepared for the upcoming day. At this time, mirrors give you an opportunity to add style and grace to the space. Before you get mirror for your bathroom, it is important to know about some main things.

mirrors for bathroom
Two bathroom mirrors with gray vanities

Common types of Bathroom mirrors

It’s right time to know about some main types of mirror that you can use in a bathroom.

Framed mirror: You are able to find mirrors with frame. Normally, you can see golden or silver frame. This kind of mirror is easy to set.  You can hang them very comfortably on wall.

best bathroom mirror
Silver framed mirror design
mirror for bathroom
Bathroom framed mirrors

Frame-less Mirror:  When you want to give your bathroom modern touch then you can find frameless mirror.

bathroom mirror selection
Modern mirror for bathroom

Custom Mirror: Sometimes you have to set a particular theme in your bathroom then you have to design bathroom mirror in your own style.  In such case, you need to contact with a manufacturer. Good thing is that you can add your own personal touch to frame by changing its color and designs.

bathroom mirror designs
Crystal frame and mirror designs
bathroom mirror ideas
Unique deisgn of bathroom mirros

Different Sizes and Shapes of Bathroom Mirrors

When it comes to sizes then it is good to keep size of mirror 2 to 4 inch smaller than your bathroom vanity cabinets. Decor balance disturbs a lot when you hang bigger mirror above a smaller cabinet. There are a wide variety of shapes available in the market. Square is a standard shape but circular mirror always seems fantastic. Sometimes you can add uniqueness factor to bathroom by adding unusual shapes of mirrors.

bedroom simple mirror
Simple bathroom design ideas

bathroom mirror design double mirrors

Where to Set Bathroom Mirror?

The best place to hang mirror in bathroom is just above vanities. In case you have extra space then you can also set mirrors to some other areas as well. You need to maintain distance between ceiling and mirror, this could be 5-7 inches or more. In case you are going to install fancy or decorative lights above mirror then you need to leave more space.

mirror design for bathroom
Traditional bathroom mirror design
bathroom mirror designs
Stylish frame for bathroom

Try to select best bathroom mirror as it not only helpful for you but also add an aesthetic element to space.

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