Best Country Kitchen Perfectly Blends Past with Present

kitchen interior design
Interior designing of kitchen

Sometimes you feel that your kitchen doesn’t have real personality and you want to make a big and noticeable change in it. In such case you need to consider some country kitchen designs, so you are able to turn your simple kitchen into warm and welcoming space. Country kitchen is becoming popular due to its architectural features, rustic accessories  and traditional decor.

country kitchen design
Creamy Pink and white kitchen

Mix Old Style with New

The basic concept of country kitchen is to blend modern and traditional style of kitchen. It means that you need to give your kitchen very authentic feel of past but at the same time you need to equip it with contemporary conveniences of the current time. Country kitchen creates a sense of kinship and simple living. Normally, all country kitchens share this basic concept but there are some interpretations that make them a bit different from one another. It is good to know about them.

French Country kitchen design
French Country kitchen design
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Grey stylish country style kitchen design
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Brown granite countertops with wood cabinets
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Stylish designs of Country cabinets
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Best  style kitchen decoration ideas
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Stylish English Country style kitchen
Stylish English Country style kitchen

English: The English style normally imitates European countryside experience. It is a kind of formal kitchen with neutral shades and chic embellishments.

French: This style of country kitchen is renowned due to its cottage and cozy look. But you can still try it in a big space.

Americana: It is a style with which we all are quite familiar. The perfect farmhouse ambiance is created by using different colors and pattern in kitchen decoration.

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Soft Creamy white kitchen decor
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Wood Cabinets of old style
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American style kitchen decor


stylish country kitchen ideas
Lime green and cream ee kitchen decor

Set the Past in your Kitchen in a presentable way

You finally know what the different styles of country kitchen are. No matter what style you choose, you have to hang onto depict past reminiscence in the perfect way. The most important thing is to replicate exact landscape that you want to evoke with it. Normally, country kitchen is simple but it doesn’t mean you aren’t able to make bold statements in your kitchen decoration.

best country kitchen
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best country kitchen
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Soft Creamy white kitchen decor
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Best Material for Country Kitchen

When it comes to material choice, you have to give priority to solid wood. You can use cedar or oak cabinetry, hardwood flooring, handcrafted furniture, etc. The main ideas is to gather some things that reclaimed wood effectively. You don’t need to choose dark color wood, try to pick light-colored material for achieving natural and simple touch.

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Traditional style kitchen decoration
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Before you start your kitchen remodeling practice, it is better for you to check different country kitchen designs that will work as a starting or base guide for you.

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