Fireplace Mantel and Surrounds For modern homes

book cases fireplaces
Modern fireplace surrounds with book shelves

Fireplace mantel and surrounds are considered a focal feature of any modern home. It does not matter how you have accessorized your home and how much money you spent on its decoration, if you don’t have a fireplace in your home, you are missing out a big part of interior décor.  Why are fireplace surrounds important these days? Well, they are not necessarily a requirement for home which is located in Middle East or in a city where summer months are long and winter does not last more than three months. But they are compulsory when the home is in an area where winter season is forever and the cold is not just limited to snow falling.

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Art and craft for fireplace decor
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Bricks and Fireplace surrounds


Fireplace mantel may take a big space in a room but it is often grounded within the walls so that the smoke can vent out of the chimney.  The fireplace is very handy during winter; you just light the fire in the grate by putting in some logs, which would burn to produce heat to keep the atmosphere very comfortable and cozy during the coldest months. You can equip the place with a modern dining table besides setting an LCD television just above the mantel.  Or you can decorate the area around the mantel with sofa and furniture.

stone fireplace
Modern fireplaces surrounds
fireplaces ideas
Cast Stone Fireplaces

There are several types of fireplace mantel and surrounds for modern homes such as:

Wood Fireplace surrounds: They are simple, usually of wood color or rustic wood color, some homeowners have the color personalized according to the setting of the room and the colors they use in furniture, for instance black wood and cherry red wood shades are used commonly for modern decor.

best fireplace surrounds
Wood Fireplace and surrounds ideas
Wood style fireplace surround ideas
Wood style fireplace surround ideas
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Shabby chic fireplaces ideas
rustic fireplaces
Rustic style fireplace surround

Modern fireplace surrounds with bookcase: As I have mentioned above, the fireplace surrounds are highly customizable, you can have a small bookcase shelf made in a surround to make it more impressive in the room setting. Fireplace surrounds with bookcases are wide, spacious and sometimes large in the size as compared to simple wood surrounds.

Modern fireplace surrounds with bookcases may require more space in the room; they are usually very large and may occupy an entire wall section in the room. The mantel in the middle of the surround is very long and wide, it allows for further decoration. On this particular mantel you can place flower vases, pots, small decoration pieces and stuff like paintings and family photo frames.

book cases fireplaces
Modern fireplace surrounds with book shelves
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Fireplaces and book shelves designs
best fireplace surrounds
Wood fireplace mantel surrounds
best fireplaces
Fireplaces with connected book shelves
shelves fireplace surrounds
Fireplace surrounds with book shelves

Tiled Front fireplace surrounds: The entire structure of the tiled fireplace surrounds are made with the tiles which are sometimes same in the shade but sometimes have a combination of different shade, it all depends on the personal choice and the taste.


brick fireplaces
Bricks fireplace and surrounds ideas
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Red Tiles Fireplace and surrounds

Marble and Granite Fireplace surrounds: These fireplace surrounds are usually made with polished marble stones or granite layers which are available in different shades, colors and styles these days. Sometimes their patterns are natural but oftentimes they are prepared on demand through processing.

marble fireplace surrounds
Marble fireplace and surrounds ideas
fireplace surround ideas
Bricks and Fireplace surrounds

Cast Stone fireplace surrounds: The basic three colors available in cast stone fireplace surrounds are cream, beige and icy white. They look very beautiful and very neat, they can have some manual carving and particular flora designs on the stone.  Sometimes the designers use molder on case stone surrounds to make them more artistic for the room setting.

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Cast Stone Fireplaces
stone fireplace
Cast stone fireplace surrounds

Glass Tile Fireplace Surrounds: They are delicate, breakable but very beautiful and adorable.  They also reflect light during the night. Having glass fireplace surrounds on the fireplace would add more to the charm of the room.


fireplace surrounds tiles
Glass tile fireplace surrounds

Limestone fireplace surrounds: These surrounds are often in white color, they are durable, beautiful and very artistic because the fire looks an artwork when it burns within their four walls.

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Chic fireplace surrounds
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limestone fireplace surrounds

Mosaic Tile fireplace surrounds: These surrounds have patterns, floral designs, colors, and creative artwork to suit the needs of modern home. If you don’t like wood mantel because it is very simple and dark in shade, you’d never regret to buy and install a mosaic tile fireplace surround in home.

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Blue Mosaic Surrounds for fireplace
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Mosaic tiles surround for fireplaces
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Mosaic fireplace surround ideas
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