Let’s Grab Cool ideas of French Country Living room

french country living room designs
Brown French country living room decor

If you are among those people who prefer classic touch in their home then you would surely like to explore amazing ideas of French country living room. This kind of living room allows you to see blemishes of past in current era. It’s not difficult to decorate such room, you only have to pay attention toward main points. Check some ideas and also know these points.

Place traditional sofa set

When we say country style living room then you need to keep in mind that this room has no modern  item in it. These days, sectional sofas are high in demand but you need to skip them. Your task is to buy fabric sofa set. Traditional sofa set are available at a reasonable price at discount shop, so you need to grab them. Don’t forget to accompany this sofa set with old style wood center table.

english sofa set living room
Blue and white stripes English sofa in living room
grey living roo,
Grey and white checked sofa set with grayish wall in living room
best color scheme for living room
color scheme for country living room

Decorate Fireplace

You need to add some charm into your French country living room with a fireplace. In past, a fire place usually had candle stands and mental pieces. You can also imitate same thing in this era. It’s good for you to apply optimal classic decoration approach in this room.

best country room decor
Country living room decor with art pieces
country living room designs
Simple decor of country living room

Best Color scheme of Country Living room

No doubt, colors really matter in the decoration of your room. It’s better to decide what color would be used as a primary hue. Generally rustic, brown, creamy, and off-white colors are very popular but it doesn’t mean that you can’t add other colors.

country living room new designs
Best way to decorate French country living room
french country living room designs
Brown French country living room decor
living room classic
wooden ceiling and flooring in classic living room
best country living room designs
Country living room decor with traditional sofa set and coffee table

Old style Curtains

As you are copycatting French style in your country living room then you need to  get old-style curtains.Plain curtains are usually preferred in such scenario. Try to match color of curtains with overall color scheme. Don’t deviate too much from main shades.

Traditional curtain and sofa set
Traditional style curtains in the living room
best country room furniture design
Country living room curtains and furniture

Country style living room is usually made eye-catching by hanging some art paintings on the walls. In past, people were quite conscious about art and craft and such interest was usually reflected on their living room walls.


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